After doing over 20 amazing weekenders over the last 12 years, I have never ever seen so much love and positive messages, as I sit here today in my office I’m as tearful as I was when we returned home from the very first weekender back in 2002. The event itself was a team effort and I want to…

Isn’t anal sex just reverse pooping?
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If there wasn’t any electricity, would we die?
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"I’m gonna punch you in the boob."

          “Nooooo!  Don’t hurt the milkies.”

I’ve never actually met a wolf.
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The Manager 2



Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls.

After much discussion, speculation and negotiations, we are very pleased to announce that as of the 6th December 2013 Tidy Is back… with the Tidy Boys.

Seen by many as the World’s greatest Hard House brand, Tidy over the last few years has slowly slipped…

🎉congratulations🎉 xx

Just chilling after fab Spag Bol from Parksey. Vicki eating pizza cause she’s STILL hungry, chocolate and ice cream!! GROAN! Gym tomorrow 😃💪